Loneliness to me is..

Sitting at home on my own waiting for someone to come to the door, to text me, to send me a message asking how I’m doing!

Its wishing someone was there next to me on the sofa

It’s the wishing I hadn’t chose the flat on the other side of the city, away from my family

The wanting to go out and eat but having no one to go with

It’s listening to my mum and sister talk about their healthy eating and exercise plans and knowing I’m doing it on my own

Its meeting someone new and then never hearing from the again

It’s knowing I don’t fit in at work, just like I never did at school

Sleeping in a double bed and being able to sleep right in the middle with no one to fight over the quilt with

Waking up after a bad dream and having no one to grab hold of to feel safe again


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