Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while for many different reasons, mainly because I changed jobs recently and I have been adapting to a new routine.

I just want to say thank to everyone who has/does read any of my posts! All comments, thoughts and opinions are welcome. I am going to try and be more active as I have a few posts planned that I need to write out and post!

As I said I started a new job recently and have been getting used to my new routine and getting plenty of rest, there will be more about that in another post.

Summer is coming and I want to start spending more time outside and taking photos so I shall be sharing that with you as well.

I have lots of ideas and things planned to share with you guys so I hope you all stick around, enjoy the insight into my life and what goes on in my little head. I am 25 in less than 3 weeks, it has come around very quickly to be honest!

Thank you for reading!




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