New Job!

Hello everyone! Today I am talking about the first month at my new job.

I started working at Ivy Court, in Norwich, just over a month ago. I needed to get back into a care home and to know what I was doing for work each week, where my money was coming from and to know that I had a steady source of income to be able to pay my bills.

The first month, for me, is always the hardest when I have a new job. I have to get used to new routines (not just at work but in my own life too!). I get tired, I struggle to eat properly, I get anxious and worried, I go through a lot of different emotions and become very withdrawn from social situations – even with my family!

I completed all of my training in one day and they where very shocked as not many people have done that before. I have learnt the routine and the way things work and who likes who and what not to say around certain people pretty quickly. I listen and observe a lot and fortunately for me, there has been a lot of other people start in the past week or so, so I am no longer the new girl!

Work makes me tired and I sleep a lot but I am getting used to doing the 12 hour shifts and I am not feeling as worn out and my feet hurt less and less each week! I love my job and I am finally in a place where I enjoy going to work and know that I will be making decent-ish money! (well compared to what I ever have done!) That means I can finally catch up with all my payments, finish sorting out my flat and save money to learn to drive!

I am going to try and give a monthly update on how I feel about work and life and everything in between!

Thank you all for reading




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