Being a Grown up

Today I am going to tell you all what it feels like, for me, to be a grown up. This is personal to me and not everyone will/can relate to this so please remember that all opinions are my own and personal to me and I would be grateful if you respected them 🙂

For me, becoming a grown up has been hard, and it still is. It’s had high points, low points and some that have been somewhere in between. I find being a grow up hard sometimes, and I have moments where I just want to give up everything and never leave the house again. Being a grown up means going to work, paying bills, making big life choices, and for me this has been difficult. I am not exactly brilliant at making choices as it is, and that’s just for simple things, like what to have for tea or where to go on a day out. So having to make big life choices, like if I should stay in a certain job or who I need to cut out of my life, is so so hard for me. For me being a grown up hasn’t been easy in the past few years, I’ve let people walk all over me and treat me like something they found on the bottom of their shoe, but I am slowly learning to stick up for myself and figure out when people are being nice or just taking advantage.

If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, then I would! I’d go right back to being in school and I would make more of an effort with people and actually going to school, because now, my life, as a grown up might not be so hard and I might have more people around…but then again I might not.

Sometimes you have to just do it and see what happens! Give things a chance, experience new things and make the most of what you’ve got! I have realised that being a grown up doesn’t need to be hard and staying on track doesn’t need to be an everyday battle.

Thank you all for reading. My next post will be something more cheerful!

Rosie xx


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