Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! 

As I said  on my About me page, I am taking you on a journey with me. Showing you my life, daily events, things about my job and a whole lot of other things too! I expect you’re wondering what ramp stands for… Maybe you’re not, but I’m going to tell you anyway! Ramp stands for Rosie Ann Mary Pollock, my full name! My little sister, who is now 17, used to call me this for fun when she figured out that my initials spelt ramp! (she honestly thinks shes hilarious!) 

I have no particular direction for this blog, its just going to be a place for me to express myself, get things off my chest, share my life experiences, do reviews on products, show you guys some routines such as skin care, hair growth etc. 

Please comment on any posts you read, tell me what you think I could imporve on, what i could add or talk about. If you like a post or know of someone who needs products reviewing let me know! 

I am always here to talk to people and give advice, all opinions and advise (unless stated otherwise) are my own! I am open honest and would love to get to know some people and take on any opportunities that may come my way!

Welcome to my little world everyone! Thank you for reading! 




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