20 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! If you’re just joining me then go and read my Welcome post!

I thought I would start off with 20 facts about me, so that you can get to know me a little better! These will be in no particular order and will just be simple things about myself that I think you should know!

  1. My name is Rosie Ann Mary Pollock
  2. My birthday is the 11th of June
  3. I have blue eyes
  4. My natural hair is dark brown, but I have been dying it black, along with various other colours, since I was 12!
  5. I have 1 Brother and 1 sister
  6. I love music
  7. Family is everything to me
  8. I have depression and anxiety
  9. I live on my own, in my little 1 bedroom flat
  10. I am currently single
  11. I cannot drive, although it would help my life greatly if I could!
  12. I am a carer
  13. I hate fish or any kind of sea food
  14. Chicken nuggets are life
  15. I live in Norwich, England
  16. I have very few friends
  17. Giraffes are my favourite animal
  18. I cant wait for my hair to grow back
  19. I love cleaning
  20. I love going to the beach

So there we have it! 20 random facts about me! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me, if you want to know anything or have any questions comment bellow and I will reply as soon as possible!

Thank you for reading!




3 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. Rosie Ann Mary, you have a lovely name. Welcome to the blogosphere that is WordPress 🙂
    ~ Bre


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